Pussycam Frequently Asked Questions

I regard my site as modestly sized, with a modest number of hits. I do, however, get enough questions to warrant having the obligatory FAQ page.

Q: How old are your cats?
A: Katherine was born on April 13, 1997. I adopted her in July of that year. She died on March 26, 2008 after a three-month battle with lymphoma. Calypso was born June 30, 1997. She passed away on April 24, 2015 after a Herculean struggle against chronic kidney disease. She was part of a litter from a stray cat my grandmother had fed. My brother, Jared, cared for Calypso's mother and one of Calypso's sisters. Both cats are now deceased.
Q: What type of cat are Kat and Calypso?
A: Just your standard domestic short-hair.
Q: Are your cats spayed?
A: Indeed they are.
Q: Are they declawed?
A: No. I don't own anything that I'm particularly worried about being destroyed, and the more declawing horror stories I read about, the more resolved I am to never do that to my cats.
Q: How long has Pussycam been around?
A: For the first year of its existence, the Pussycam website operated without a webcam. The site was simply a repository from which to store photos of Kat shortly after I had adopted her in July, 1997. The webcam was purchased in March, 1998, at about the same time I'd re-designed my website. The site has pretty much remained unchanged since then.
Q: What kind of webcam do you use?
A: I started with a Creative Labs Webcam II purchased way back in 1998. Later I used a Microsoft Lifecam. It's been challenging over the years obtaining driver software that works on the newer operating systems, but so far I've been in luck.
Q: Why do you have a webcam of your cats?
A: Because I can, I suppose. It was the novelty of it as much as it was to participate in what was --at the time-- a growing Internet trend. One would assume that my inspiration for a cat webcam came from CatCam, the site that has been arguably accepted as the first cat webcam site. However, my inspiration actually came from webcam voyeur sites like JenniCAM, which owner Jennifer Ringley shut down in 2003. To fully understand the "why," you have to go back to a time when most people still weren't using the Internet; many had never heard of webcams; and the people who were logged on merely had dial-up connections. Cable modem and DSL technology were new and not yet widely available to the public. To have a webcam back then felt a bit like exploring a new frontier.
Q: Would you consider your website "family-friendly?"
A: I consider my personal website, in it's totality, to be R-rated.
Q: Do your cats do anything besides sleep?
A: Sure they do; unfortunately for me, my cats are usually much more active when *I'm* trying to sleep. I find it somewhat touching that they conserve all that energy just for me...
Q: I don't see either of your cats. Where are they?
A: What can I say? Cats are unpredictable. They are either sleeping somewhere out of camera view, chasing each other around or damaging an item in my house. I could tie them to the chair for eight hours a day, but I think that would take the spontaneity out of Pussycam. There are plenty of photos to peruse in my photo gallery and slideshow sections if you don't happen to see a cat in the webcam view.
Q: How often do you make your bed?
A: Mom, for the thousandth time:  stop asking me already!!!!
Q: Has Kat or Calypso ever...you know, gotten any?
A: I beg your pardon?
Q: What I mean is, have they ever hooked up with a male cat?
A: No, my cats have never had any amorous experiences, though Katherine had potential suitors stop by the patio door before. One such stray was even kind enough to drop her off a dead mouse, which I had to dispose of the following day.
Q: Why don't you update your site more often? I demand you update the (insert section of website here) section of your site ASAP!!!!
A: I often get outright demands from people that I update my free, personal website maintained in my spare time. I don't know what to tell these people except that I don't respond well to demands; I'll update my website when I feel like updating it...fucker. :)
If you need another perspective, check out this comic strip.
Q: How much money do you make with Pussycam?
A: Nada. This is a completely non-profit site. Well, to be precise, it is I who sees no profit. I AM indirectly lining the pockets of Cafepress, the company that makes the "Pussycam panties, t-shirts, etc." I make no money off those items, as they are sold "at cost." To be sure, myriad webcam database sites like WebCamWorld, EarthCam, etc. would be nothing without personal sites like my own.
Q: What do your cats sound like?
A: Are you serious? If so, here's a .WAVor RealAudio file of Kat as a kitten... While Kat is rather vocal, Calypso doesn't meow too often, unless she smells tuna.
Q: Do you like dogs?
A: I like dogs and cats about equally. Unfortunately, a dog is too much maintenance for me right now. I grew up with two dobermans (and a poodle), and although I'd never publicly admit to it, I admired cats for the very traits that dog lovers hate about them. It wasn't until I adopted Katherine that I began to full appreciate(?!) the life of a cat.
Q: I'm a hot, sexy young woman who loves cats and I think you're just the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. Are you single? Will you marry me, make me whole, have my love child, etc.???
A: (yawns) I get this question a lot, as anyone might imagine. Although it's true I AM single, please try to restrain yourself as much as possible. If, however, you feel a pressing need to send me photographs, lingerie or hot, steamy letters soaked in your favorite perfume, you can first e-mail me at the address below and provide me with as much information about yourself as possible, especially if you come from royalty. It may take me a while to respond because, after all, I'm absolutely flooded with such requests. And, more importantly, my girlfriend may object.
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